Mobility Scooter Buyers Guide


If you are reading this article, you have already decided that using a mobility scooter will improve your quality of life and give you back the independence you desire. The next step to reclaiming your freedom is choosing the perfect mobility scooter for you. To help make this exciting decision easier, there are a few important questions you should to ask yourself when choosing a mobility scooter:

“How much do I weigh and can my chosen scooter safely carry me?”

Your weight is the first and most important consideration. This may immediately eliminate some options if it exceeds the maximum carrying capacity of some models. Your weight will affect the way the mobility scooter functions, for example over rough ground or up hills. It is important to take not only the weight of the user into account, but also the weight of any other items being carried such as groceries.

Also, if you are over the manufacturer’s recommended weight capacity, then your warranty will be voided and repairs will not be covered. If your weight in combination with the cargo you anticipate carrying on board is close to the weight of the scooter you’re considering, it is highly recommended that you select a scooter with a higher weight bearing capacity. As a general rule, the portable mobility scooters bear less weight than medium and heavy duty scooters. As the category name suggests, heavy duty scooters bear the most weight. Below is a table to help refine your choices.






Heavy Duty

100kg – 226kg

*Get About (90kg)

*Rubik (115kg)

*Luggie (114kg)

Scout (130kg)

*Solax Genie (136kg)

GK7 Little Ripper (136kg)

GK9 Little Ripper (136k)

GK10 Crossover (136kg)

778ERS (136kg)

88SE Explorer (136kg)

Venturer (136kg)

Freedom (136kg)

889SL Prestige  (136kg)

Envoy 4 & 8 (160kg)

778HD (182kg)

Easy Rider (180kg)

Cobra (182kg)

King Cobra (200kg)

Rocky 4 (225kg)

Rocky 6 (225kg)


130kg  – 226kg

Solax Genie (136kg)

GK7 Little Ripper (136kg)

GK9 Little Ripper (136k)

GK10 Crossover (136kg)


778ERS (136kg)

88SE Explorer (136kg)

Venturer (136kg)

Freedom (136kg)

889SL Prestige (136kg) 

Envoy 4 & 8 (160kg)

778HD (182kg)

Easy Rider (180kg)

Cobra (182kg)

King Cobra (200kg)

Rocky 4 (225kg)

Rocky 6 (225kg)


140kg – 226kg



Envoy 4 & 8 (160kg)

778HD (182kg)


Easy Rider (180kg)

Cobra (182kg)

King Cobra (200kg)

Rocky 4 (225kg)

Rocky 6 (225kg)






King Cobra (200kg)

Rocky 4 (225kg)

Rocky 6 (225kg)




“Where will I be using the scooter?”

Travelling Indoors

If you want to use the electric scooter inside your home or grocery store only, then you should consider an electric scooter with a small turning radius. Most portable electric scooters, like the Scout  have great turning circles. However, for even greater manoeuverability look to the many three-wheel options such as the GK7 as they have an even tighter turning circle. Also, consider a mobility scooter that is small in size like a portable electric scooter to easily zip around tight corners and fit through door frames. Therefore, for exceptional manoeuverability, streamlined and portable, the three wheel GK7  would be a great choice for an indoor mobility scooter option.

Travelling Outdoors

If you want to use the mobility scooter outside to get around on footpaths or travel to other peoples’ houses and locations where you will later be walking or using a walking aid like a walker or cane, then consider a larger heavy duty 4 wheel electric scooter. This is especially important if you are going to use it on a variety of terrains such as hills, grass and bumpy sidewalks. More powerful mobility scooters will also get you from A to B much quicker and most are equipped with pneumatic tyres and greater suspension for a smoother ride over rugged terrain.

A perfect example of a powerful mobility scooter that hugs the bumps of rugged terrain is the Rocky 4. With its superior front and rear suspension, large wheel base and powerful 2hp motor, this powerful mobility scooter is great value for money heavy duty mobility scooter. Some medium sized electric scooters are more than capable of outdoor use, with their powerful motors; they too can cover a larger distance at a faster speed. For example the Prestige is a compact yet powerful electric scooter with a slimline 580mm width which makes it ideal for squeezing in and out of doorways and smaller spaces yet it is also armed with an impressive 1.2hp motor that enables it to tackle the great outdoors.

Travelling Indoors and Outdoors

If you want the flexibility to use your scooter both indoors and outdoors, then you might want to choose a small but powerful scooter. These flexible scooters can be found in a portable option in the form of the GK10 Crossover. With the ability to be easily transported, yet powerful enough to tackle outdoor terrain with its powerful motor and pneumatic tyres, the GK10 Crossover is  very versatile. From the medium range, the 778ERS is highly manoeuverable and performs well indoors. However, with its 260mm pneumatic tyres, rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brakes it is also durable enough to navigate outdoor terrain.


 “Will I need to transport my scooter?”

If you will need to transport your scooter in the boot of your car or other modes of transportation such as aeroplanes, then you must consider the space available for this and the strength required to disassemble the scooter and lift the parts. All of the scooters from the portable range have been designed, specifically for this purpose and are easy to transport in a vehicle. Some are lighter and simpler to disassemble than others, requiring less strength or additional equipment such as a lift or ramp. For example the Scout comes apart easily into relatively light weight components for storage or transportation. Although heavier, the GK9 Little Ripper, the GK9 – 3 Little Ripper, and the GK10 Crossover, are also designed to disassemble and transport with ease.

Another recent development in the electric mobility scooter world is the foldable scooter. These scooters fold up by either the press of a button or by remote key. They can be fairly easily rolled about much like a suitcase with wheels. Being foldable eliminates the need to pull the scooter apart and reassemble when required. Foldable scooters vary in weight from about 20 to 27kgs (inclusive of battery). So, if the scooter has to be placed in a boot you may need help to do this. Models such as the Get AboutRubik, the Luggie and the Solax Genie are all good examples of modern foldable scooters.

Some other important ‘IF FACTORS’ to consider

You are tall, it’s important to consider a mobility scooter with greater leg room.

You are petite, you may not feel secure on a very large, heavy duty scooter.

You want a smoother ride, you should look at scooters with great suspension.

You are going to tackle particularly tough terrain such as tall grass, you should select a scooter with higher ground clearance.

For more information, or to arrange an in-home demonstration, please call Advanced Scooters Brisbane or Advanced Scooters Sydney on 1300 738 339.







Performance Mobility Scooters

King Cobra Performance Mobility Scooter

$7,745.00 $6,650.00

Medium Mobility Scooters

Envoy 8

Rated 5.00 out of 5

3 thoughts on “Mobility Scooter Buyers Guide

    • admin says:

      Hi Adrian,

      Generally any of the larger models will be suitable as they have weight capacities of up to 220kg.

      Power Chairs such as the Puma 14HD with the optional wider seat would be a preferred option as its easier to get in and out of the seat. Seat is also height adjustable to match also.

      Any further questions feel free to call us on 1300 306 807

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